Almost 40 years ago, the gallery was a working gallery, one of the first that opened for the underground mining of bauxite in the Ghiona area. Many years later, the area was reconstructed to host the only thematic park of its kind in Greece, Vagonetto.

Gain first-hand experience and explicit knowledge of how Bauxite is excavated and transformed into aluminium by following every step in the process. Experience the everyday life of miners through their own narrations. Get on the train that was used to transfer them in the heart of the mountain and ‘listen’ to their conversations. Walk around the exhibition and take an ‘interactive’ part in the process of excavation. You can then rest in the café on site and visit the shop where you can buy unique thematic memorabilia.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to wear comfy shoes and warm clothes, as the underground gallery is damp and cool. Get ready for a unique experience!

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